Thiazide Preparations and dosage

Thiazide Preparations and dosage

Thiazide preparations and dosage depend on the type of thiazide drug in question. Below we have described all the different commercially available thiazide medications and their doses and duration of actions.

Thiazides are diuretics that are used to increase urine production or to increase urine output.

There are a lot of thiazides used in clinical practice. These are available in various preparations. The doses of thiazides depends on the particular type of medication being used.

 Commonly used benzothiadiazine and THIAZIDE diuretics and dosages
TabletDaily dose asDaily doseDuration of
Namemg.antihypertensiveas diureticdiuretic action
Chlorothiazide (Chlorotride)250, 500125-250500 to 10006 to 12
Children: 20 mg./kg.
Hydrochlorothiazide (Hydrothiazide)25, 5012.5-2525 to 20012 or more
Children: 2 mg./kg.
Hydroflumethiazide (Naclex)5012.5-2525 to 20018 to 24
Bcnzthiazide (Fovane)2512.5-2550 to 20012 to 18
Cyclopenthiazide (Navidrex)0.50.25-0.50.5-1-18 to 24
Bendroflumethiazide (Neo-NaClex)2.5, 51.25-2.52.5 to 518 to 24
Polythiazide (Nephril)1,2,421 to 424 to 48
Chlorthalidone (Hythalton)10012.5-2550 to 20048 to 72
Quinethazone (Hydromox)502550 to 20018 to 24
Metolazone (Zaroxylin)51.25-2.55 to 1018 to 24

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